Hotel and Tours in Hormuz Island

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Hotel in Hormuz Island

Red Beach Suites Hotel is an all inclusive hotel and hostel with restaurant in Hormuz Island, Persian gulf, Iran. This hotel is inside the city a quiet and calm area and also very close to the beach. 🏚️

Private double bed suites

These suites are very clean and include two big size beds 🛌, refrigerator, kitchen and cooking facilities 🥘 and also a very clean bathroom🛀.

To get more information and book a room contact Mr. Ali (English speaking) on WhatsApp 0️⃣0️⃣9️⃣8️⃣➖9️⃣1️⃣2️⃣1️⃣5️⃣7️⃣5️⃣7️⃣1️⃣3️⃣

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Economic rooms

Red beach hotel in Hormuz island has cheaper price rooms with very clean beds that share bathrooms.

To get more information and book a room or bed contact us.

hormuz island accomodation tours prices
Contact Hormuz Island


Restaurant and Food Services

Red Beach Suites Hotel provides very good food services including breakfast 🍳 , lunch and dinner 🍽️ . We have all kinds of sea food also we provide economic and low price foods. local fresh bread is always available. all foods are delicious and affordable price.


hormuz island tours


Red Beach

Each year many tourists come to Hormuz Island to visit its extremely beautiful red beaches and colorful mountains 🏜️ . Hormuz Island has a ground soil rich in red ferrious oxide soil, called “Gelack”, which is not just a valuable mineral for industrial purposes, but the locals use it as an spice in their cuisine, such as sauces, jams, etc  🍥 .

The mountain being on the shoreline, makes the peculiarly red beach and red waves of the sea an unmissable sight to see. What is more, walking along the shore, you will encounter parts where sand glitters with metal compounds

This red soil was exported several years in order to use in various industries such as dyeing, cosmetics, glass and ceramics, But exports have become more limited today because of the loss of this unique soil. The soil color around you keeps changing as you walk or ride and you can visit a unique red edible soil and other 7️⃣0️⃣ colorful minerals in Hormuz Island.

Wonderful views, untouched nature, and various attractions all in Hormuz Island are the magnificent features of this beautiful island.  Winters in Hormuz Island are pleasantly mild. You can enjoy many entertainments, lifestyles, traditions, clothing, and local dishes of the south of Iran when in Hormuz Island.

Red beach Hotel is the best choice for tourists in Hormuz island to stay at night have delicious food. Speak English to staff and tour leaders. All the prices in Red Beach Hotel and Tours are affordable and cheap price. That is the reason people come to this hotel many times.

red soil beach hormuz island

Red Soil Hormuz

tourist attractions in hormuz island


Statue Valley

With a few hundred meters walk to the beach, in a way that silver sands attract attention, rocks can be seen in many different forms, each is likened to an animal, a sheep’s head, poultry and many different Dragons 🐊🦅🦊🐲.

The rocks show that, over thousands of years that the island of Hormuz gradually comes out of the water, the wear and tear on it makes many beautiful shapes. According to researches, geological age of the Hormuz island is about six hundred million years ago and its life when coming out of the water is about fifty thousand years 🧐.

تفریحات ساحلی جزیره هرمز

How to reach Hormuz Island

Travelers to Hormuz island can reach it on large modern ships from Bandar Abbas, departing from the Shahid Haqani Passenger Port. It takes about half an hour. A one way ticket costs 1️⃣5️⃣  IRR around 1️⃣  US dollar. The last scheduled boat to Bandar Abbas leaves at eight thirty, but on particularly busy days (e.g., Iranian public holidays) later services might be offered, provided a sufficient number of passengers want to make the crossing.

Large boats also leave from Qeshm Island (Qeshm Town Port) at seven am and two pm, tickets  1️⃣5️⃣   IRR September 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣. The same boats return from Hormuz to Qeshm, the last one leaves Hormuz at three pm. The journey takes around one hour.

As soon as you reach Hormuz island just contact us to pick you up and show you beautiful insights of Hormuz Island.

دسترسی به جزیره هرمز از طریق شناور
how to reach Hormuz Island by large boats


Mangrove forest

Hormuz island is a collection of wonderful mangrove trees with its beautiful waterways and wild birds with its pristine nature is a big source of tourist, and every year a lot of people come to Hormuz island to watch these beautiful sights. Mangrove plants are created in the Eocene and Oligocene,
Sea Forest is one of the most surprising elements of creation in the world. Trees that live in the saltwater tidal area. Even more strange is that sometimes , most of them sink under the salty sea water  but still continue to exist. Iran’s southern coast is known  for its arid and salty sea water. But the amazing thing is this grassy area, that grows without the need for fresh sweet water. In a story this mythical plant is grown
from Adam’s tears.
hormuz island sea forest
Tourist attractions of Hormuz Island


Rainbow valley 🌈

The name implies: the mountains having several colors not because of the plants, but because of different colors of the soil at this point. In rainbow  valley, all of the Hormuz soil colors are present hill by hill . Local people say this island has 9️⃣5️⃣ colors!

beautiful tourist attractions of hormuz island iran
Rainbow valley Hormuz Island


Colorful carpet of soil

Souvenir of Hormuz is its territory, of course beauty and recognition of Hormuz is not only red soil, Hormuz is the island of colors. The soil of this island has a lot of beautiful colors that together create a range of white, yellow, orange, red, brown, green and even gold.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

Hormuz colors are innumerable which make a spectrum including hot to cold, that is, all the colors that an artist may need for painting.🌈 This is the painting that has astonished not only geologists, artists and Iranian tourists, but any artist who come to Iran is fascinated.

Many of the people who have art in mind, come together on the shore of the island on various occasions , and carpet the ground with drawing beautiful designs.🏖️

colorful soil carpet in hormuz island beach
Carpet made of 70 colorful soils in Hormuz Island


Local bread in Hormuz Island

Tourists of the Hormuz Island can use very tasty local breads of this island that are cooked.Hormuz island has many kinds of breads but Tamushi bread is the most common bread as it is light with two different kinds of sauces. The sauce that is used in this bread is made of fish 🐟 , Hormuz red soil and different spices.

In Red beach Suites Hotel every morning and evening women are cooking local delicious bread and tourist can buy them with low affordable price 🍪 .

local food hormuz island
Women making delicious local bread in Hormuz Island


History of Hormuz Island

The island has changed during centuries. It was known as Organa to the ancient Greeks and as Jarun in the Islamic period. Its name changed to “Hormuz” from the important harbor town of Hormuz on the mainland. Marco Polo visited the island in 1️⃣2️⃣9️⃣0️⃣  while traveling by land, as he described in his travelogue. Later, Ibn Battuta visited the island and New Hormuz.

In the 1️⃣5️⃣ th century, Hormuz was visited several times by a Chinese fleet led by Zheng He, as he explored the Indian Ocean during the Ming Dynasty’s naval ventures.

The Portuguese captured the island and it was incorporated into the greater Portuguese Empire. They constructed a fortress on the island to deter potential invaders, naming it the Fort of Our Lady of the Conception. As a result, the island became an emergency stopover point for Portuguese ships traveling to Goa and Gujarat. Finally, the island was captured from the Portuguese by a combined Anglo-Persian force at the behest of the English East India Company

During the Safavid Era, Shah Abbas I did not have trust in local people of the island. Later he developed the nearby mainland port of Bander Abbas to become the center of trade. Therefore, the Hormuz went into decline during that time and many of its inhabitants seasonally moved to their fields and orchards around the old Hormuz.

After a period of Omani administration in the 19th century, it remained a sparsely inhabited fishermen’s island. It experienced some development in the later years of the twenty century.

Today, Hormuz Island is one of the most visited islands in the southern part of the country, especially during the fall and winter when the weather is pleasant.

FAQ about Hormuz Island

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